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Welcome to our "Infamous" Web Home!

About Us

Infamous was started in April, 2009 by a group of friends who met while playing another MMORPG.  The guild has continued to grow, adding new members regularly.  We are a helpful, friendly group, who strive to grow our characters as well as the guild, by including everyone in our events.

We participate in the Guild Siege Battle on a nightly basis.  No matter your class, level or abilities, this event is fun for everyone!  Whether you're gathering crystals, slaughtering balloon monsters or driving a ram, there's an important role for you!  Join us!

Interested in becoming Infamous?  Whisper Tamsin, Meatsheild, Scoff, Poisonblood, Frogglegz or any infamous member to get an invitation.  We don't have a great deal of rules, all we want is for everyone to have fun, contribute to the guild by helping other members,  donating guild resources, and being polite to others.  Your behavior and attitude reflect the guild as a whole - please remember to play fairly.

We currently run Clops/KS/HOTO/HOS and DOD.  Loot rules are simple.  NEED the item if you are going to use it on the class you are playing at the time of the drop, GREED the item if you want it for stat/second class.


As a guild, we use Ventrilo for our events/instance communications.  This is a free program -  Our server is:  The Port is 11543.  All you need is a microphone/speakers or a headset w/mic.  If you don't have a microphone it's not a big deal - as long as you can join us and listen!  If you have any questions on how to set it up, whisper Tamsin or Poisonblood.

Again, thanks for stopping by!  All of us at Infamous hope you'll be joining us soon!
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